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Live Makkah & Madina

Watch Masjid-ul-Haram (Makkah) and Masjid-e-Nabvi (Madina) Live on our website this Ramadhan.

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Ramadhan 1436 (2015)

Masjid-e-Taqwa has upload the 1436 Ramadhan Time table. Please view by Clicking below button.

Urgent Need of Donation

Masjid-e-Taqwa is in need of donations for different projects i.e. Car Park, Microphone System, Recevier system. Please donate generously. The details are ...

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Masjid Taqwa quaterly magazine is available to download. Magazine Attaqwa is for sharing religious information.

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Great Lever Education & Welfare Trust


Holmswood Road is the location of Masjid Taqwa and is part of the Great Lever/Harper Green ward of Bolton. This area is nationally known for its under performing, socially deprived and high unemployment status. In reality an area which requires attention both physically and spiritually....


Muslims families over the past few years for various reasons have started to locate into this area, and now according to a recent survey there are approx 200+ families living in close proximate to Masjid Taqwa. Indeed an ever increasing demand for their childrens ....


Summer 2017
- To payback loan approx. £80,000.
- To build fencing and gates for masjid building.
- To buy radio system for prayer transmission.
- The provision of counselling & matrimonial services.
- Islamic advice & youth work.

To open doors of Masjid-e-Taqwa for 5 daily prayers.
To establish islamic education classes for kids.
To establish further islamic education classes for girls.
To establish Islamic Nursery for local community.
To buy porta cabins to increase space for Madrassa (Many kids are in waiting list due to no space).

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