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Who we are

Great Lever Education and Welfare Trust

Masjid-e-Taqwa is a charitable organisation which is located at Holmswood Road, Great Lever, Bolton i.e just off the Lever Edge Lane. It is a mosque and educational organisation for the Muslim community living in Great Lever BL3 area. There are over 300+ muslim families living in this area. Masjid-e-Taqwa is fulfilling the need for their children's religious education and prayer facility, and other social care needs since 2011. The place was purchased for £350k+ on loan and Alhumdulillah the has been paid back last year.

Latest News

We are starting Phase II of our project in the last quarter of 2024, constructing a new building with Masjid, Maktab, Nursery and Girl's Secondary School.

Prayer Times

Prayer TimeTable 2024

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  • Ramadhan 2024

    Zikr majlis will take place everyday except Thursday after Asr Prayer in the company of Hadhrat Shaykh Asif Hussain Farooqui D.B.

    Great Lever Education and Welfare Trust

    Taqwa Project Phase I - COMPLETED

    We have successfully completed the 1st Phase of our Project's by the end of 2023. Phase (I) had

    • ✔ To open doors of Masjid-e-Taqwa for 5 daily prayers.
    • ✔ To establish islamic education classes for kids.
    • ✔ To establish further islamic education classes for girls.
    • ✔ To establish Islamic Nursery for local community.
    • ✔ To buy porta cabins to increase space for Madrassa (Many kids are in waiting list due to no space).
    • ✔ To build fencing and gates for masjid building.
    • ✔ To buy radio system for prayer transmission.

    Taqwa Project Phase II - STARTING SOON....

    We are delighted to announce that we are moving towards our Project's 2nd phase.
    In phase II we are planning to construct a new building

    • To accomodate larger number of people for 5 times daily prayers
    • To provide a large space for boys and girls religious education "TAQWA MAKTAB".
    • To provide a Nursery facility "Taqwa Nursery" with an Islamic values.
    • To provide a Secondary School for girls "Taqwa Girls Secondary School" with an Islamic values.

    Serving Community

    Taqwa Education and Community Facility

    Our objective is to

    meet the expanding needs of the nearby Muslim community while providing the essential facilities they require..

    Masjid Services

    • A full time qualified imaam.
    • 5 daily prayers
    • Jumu'ah prayers
    • Taraweeh prayers

    Madrassah (Religious Education)

    • Daily ta'leem
    • Hasanaat Weekly Programme
    • Tajweed class
    • Hifz class
    • Alima'h class

    Ramadhan Lillah Appeal

    Please donate generously towards masjid cost during ramadhan which is £100 per person. May ALLAH accept it a means of Sadqah Jaria for you and your family ameen.

    Future Developments

    The Muslim community has grown in the last two years and we need a larger area to accomodate and facilitate the number of people using the facility. We are proud to announce that we are planning to start work on a purpose build place which includes a Masjid, a maktab (boys and girls), a nursery and a girl's secondary school. Please remember us in your prayers(dua's) and support us financially (جَزَاكَ ٱللَّٰهُ خَيْرًا).


    Masjid Building


    Masjid Building

    Left Side


    Room 1


    Room 2


    Room 1 (2)

    Main Prayer Room

    Room 1

    Masjid Indoor

    Main Jamat Khana Fire Exit

    Masjid Indoor

    Main Prayer Room


    Room 1